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Senin, 17 Maret 2008

Pulse BookShelf

I don’t know why but after I’ve published the 30 of the Most Creative Bookshelves Designs it seems that everyday I find more and more creative bookshelves ideas. For example here is a very interesting bookshelf design named Plusline and was designed by Måns Salomonsen. Personally I like the design, but I would like a bigger one, to be able to store more books, not just a few magazines, and a few little objects.

Facade Vase - Transform a Watter Bottle into a Vase

The Facade Vase is a really neat design from Orcadesign. The Facade Vase is actually a wool slip-on cover that lets you turn an unwanted plastic bottle into a minimalist vase. There’s plenty of fancy vases out there, but for those who like to recycle and reuse some products the Facade Vase allows you to reuse your lousy plastic water bottles as something more delicate and pretty. The idea is simple and looks good, now let’s hope that this wool cover would fit on many bottle designs. - Via - Gizmodo & Dvice

Cloud BookCase

If you would like to be a little more unique or nonconformist about how you store your books you can check out the modular Cloud Bookcase. The design might appear a little bit unusual, compared to a traditional bookcase, but remember you wanted something unique. The Cloud Bookcase provides neat little circular compartments to store the books, or other items. Made of white polyethylene, the Cloud Bookcase is now available in white, green (both light and dark) and red versions. The really neat thing about this case is that to accommodate your growing catalogue, you may choose to expand this by adding more and more units. This is managed by joining the components made by a rotational technique with means of snap-on clips. You can buy this bookcase from here. - Via - Thedesignblog

Indoor Decoration - Door Frame

The importance of indoor decoration now gets a whole new meaning, and with this new piece of interior decoration, you can certainly obtain a WOW effect in any house. This indoor frame changes the feeling of spaciousness and depending on the light radiation you can have an interesting and decorative shade to the wall. The door frame is made of plexiglass and is stuck simply with four clamping mounting plates each in the actual door frames. You can have an door frame like this for 89€ from here or from Amazon.

Coffe Table with an Eco-Friendly Fireplace

I know that the winter is almost over, and the fireplaces are not used so more anymore but this Coffee Table with a built-in eco-friendly fireplace is a piece of furniture that is perfect for a contemporary interior. The GF-160 fire coffee table model, is made of natural veneer wenge and covered with the polyurethane varnish for increased durability, making it resistant to water, alcohol and high temperatures. The table comes inclusive of a lighter with extended tip and decorative stones. This table is a mobile fire solution without any installation or a chimney, which can be set in any desired space, even in the middle of a living room. The lighting of Planika Fire is extremely easy and safe as it uses FANOLA fuel which is not accompanied by fumes or smell. Only water vapour and CO2 are emitted - in proportions similar to those contained in the air exhaled by humans. - Via - Bornrich